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Customize magento module

How to achieve magento product media image uploaded in custom module
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I have a magento module which shows which checks available zip codes.
In admin panel i have to add zip codes which need to be restricted and all other zip codes become available.I want to change its function such that the zip codes i add in backend are available and all other become unavailable.


function Checkshipping()
        var zipcode = document.getElementById('zipcode').value;
        jQuery( "#result" ).empty();

        if (zipcode == '')
            jQuery("#zipcode").css("border","1px dotted #E84100");return false; 
        xhrFields: {
        withCredentials: false
        url:"<?php echo Mage::getBaseUrl();?>shippingrestriction/index/front",
        success: function (data, status) {
                jQuery( "#result" ).empty(data);
                jQuery( "#result" ).append(data);

        error: function (xhr, desc, err) { 

            alert("Error Processing your request!Please try again later!");
            alert("Desc: " + desc + "nErr:" + err);
    <input type="text" id="zipcode">
    <button onclick="Checkshipping()" title="Continue" class="button" type="button"><span><span>Check</span></span></button>
    <div id ="result"></div>

do i have to do anything with this.
I am not a coder!

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How to achieve magento product media image uploaded in custom module
Magento quick report of how many product online (frontend!) per brand

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