how to find core files of magento2 css

Layout changes not working in Magento
Search catalog with less than 3 characters

I need to increase the width of search box in home page.

With the help of developer tools i have found that block-search (.block-search) class is reason for this and i have checked .block-search in my magento2 directory.

And i have found .block-search class in pubstaticfrontendMagentolumaen_UScssstyles-l.css for which i have changed the size and its working fine.

Now in the future to get updates for any css classes i may delete pub/static files. So how to find the core files reason for any css, so that even i delete pub/static files it won’t get effected to my changes requirement

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Layout changes not working in Magento
Search catalog with less than 3 characters

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