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jQuery unresponsive script

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Every time I load my shop in Firefox, I get an Unresponsive script error.

I know it is because I have a lot of products on my home page and the page takes a long time to load, so Firefox marks the script unresponsive.

Unresponsive script

Although it says here the the unresponsive script is…/jquery.min.js, by looking at the console I think that actually the problem is in skin/frontend/theme/theme/js/app.js :


The code this points to is:

if ($j('.products-grid').length) {

    var alignProductGridActions = function () {
        // Loop through each product grid on the page
            var gridRows = []; // This will store an array per row
            var tempRow = [];
            productGridElements = $j(this).children('li');
            productGridElements.each(function (index) {
                // The JS ought to be agnostic of the specific CSS breakpoints, so we are dynamically checking to find
                // each row by grouping all cells (eg, li elements) up until we find an element that is cleared.
                // We are ignoring the first cell since it will always be cleared.
                if ($j(this).css('clear') != 'none' && index != 0) {
                    gridRows.push(tempRow); // Add the previous set of rows to the main array
                    tempRow = []; // Reset the array since we're on a new row

                // The last row will not contain any cells that clear that row, so we check to see if this is the last cell
                // in the grid, and if so, we add its row to the array
                if (productGridElements.length == index + 1) {

            $j.each(gridRows, function () {
                var tallestProductInfo = 0;
                $j.each(this, function () {
                    // Since this function is called every time the page is resized, we need to remove the min-height
                    // and bottom-padding so each cell can return to its natural size before being measured.
                        'min-height': '',
                        'padding-bottom': ''

                    // We are checking the height of .product-info (rather than the entire li), because the images
                    // will not be loaded when this JS is run.
                    var productInfoHeight = $j(this).find('.product-info').height();
                    // Space above .actions element
                    var actionSpacing = 10;
                    // The height of the absolutely positioned .actions element
                    var actionHeight = $j(this).find('.product-info .actions').height();

                    // Add height of two elements. This is necessary since .actions is absolutely positioned and won't
                    // be included in the height of .product-info
                    var totalHeight = productInfoHeight + actionSpacing + actionHeight;
                    if (totalHeight > tallestProductInfo) {
                        tallestProductInfo = totalHeight;

                    // Set the bottom-padding to accommodate the height of the .actions element. Note: if .actions
                    // elements are of varying heights, they will not be aligned.
                    $j(this).find('.product-info').css('padding-bottom', actionHeight + 'px');
                // Set the height of all .product-info elements in a row to the tallest height
                $j.each(this, function () {
                    $j(this).find('.product-info').css('min-height', tallestProductInfo);

    // Since the height of each cell and the number of columns per page may change when the page is resized, we are
    // going to run the alignment function each time the page is resized.
    $j(window).on('delayed-resize', function (e, resizeEvent) {

So this is a loop that goes through the entire grid (I think), and considering there are 400+ products on the home page…well you know the math…

ANY ideas how to fix this? Breaking the loop with timers?…asynchronous loops?

Thanks in advance.

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How to add Details field for Custom option in magento admin?
Error while calling the phtml file in static block

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