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Magento2 Order by clause in collection

How to add product in order programmatically using price per customer group?
Magento 2 - enable cash on delivery only for specific shipment method

I have a custom collection to which I add filters. For example, I have this:

$giftColletion = $this->_giftFactory->getCollection();
$giftColletion->addFieldToFilter('store_id', 1);

What filter should I add to $giftColletion so it can return all the records by field position in ASC order ?

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How to add product in order programmatically using price per customer group?
Magento 2 - enable cash on delivery only for specific shipment method

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  • User November 12, 2016

    You can try this

    $giftColletion = $this->_giftFactory->getCollection();
    $giftColletion->addFieldToFilter('store_id', 1);

    setOrder is use for sorting


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