Magento 2.1 – We can't remove the item. (Shopping Cart doesnt allow us to remove items before becomes empty)

Can Magento API be used to pull order data and push inventory into a Magento Website from a Mysql Database?
Custom.css is updating wrong files in Pub/Static

We are having some issues when a customer try to remove the last (one) item from the shopping cart before it becomes empty, the only message that comes up is: We can’t remove the item.

I have no idea why or how to fix it, or at least how to debug it.

Any help is appreciated.


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Can Magento API be used to pull order data and push inventory into a Magento Website from a Mysql Database?
Custom.css is updating wrong files in Pub/Static

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  • User October 26, 2016

    Do you have minimum orders turned on? There appears to be a bug that matches your problem, which occurs when minimum orders is turned on.


  • User October 26, 2016

    To come up from this problem I have created one simple module to solve this problem.

    1) Create new module. Namespace_ModuleName

    2) Create required registration.php and module.xml file

    3) create di.xml and add following code

       <type name="MagentoQuoteModelQuote">
                <plugin name="min-orderamount-skip-delete" type="NamespaceModuleNameModelQuote" sortOrder="10"/>

    4) Create a class appcodeNamespaceModuleNameModelQuote.php

         * @var RequestInterface
        private $request;
        public function __construct(MagentoFrameworkAppRequestInterface $request)
            $this->request = $request;
        public function afterValidateMinimumAmount()
            $actionName = $this->request->getActionName();
            if($actionName === self::DELETE_ACTION_NAME) {
                return true;

    5) Run bin/magento cache:flush and bin/magento setup:upgrade command from terminal.


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