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Magento 2: JS slider Swiper fails to load properly

What are the best practices for installing third party extensions in Magento 2?
adminhtml form ui_component fields not populated

I’m trying to use this jquery slider in my home page:

The problem is the next/prev buttons (arrows) dont work, I clic on them but nothing happens. They are supposed to display the next/previous slider.

When inspecting element in Firefox, under Console tab I got this error:

Error: Mismatched anonymous define() module: function (){“use
strict”;return window.Swiper} makeError()
require.js:166 intakeDefines() require.js:1221 localRequire/<()
require.js:1408 require.js:166:17

How can I fix it?

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What are the best practices for installing third party extensions in Magento 2?
adminhtml form ui_component fields not populated

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