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$salable = $product->isSalable() – I need to determine what's Salable in an array

Magento Cron Does Not Generate Schedule
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I’m using an array to pull all the ids/skus in a category page. The problem is it’s pulling everything… I only want to show the ids/skus that are on the page. I need to sort out everything that is disabled and or no stock and everything that’s not on the page.

Here’s what I have:

if ($module === 'catalog' && $controller === 'category' && $action === 'view') {
          $category = Mage::registry('current_category');
          $prodCollection = $category->getProductCollection();
          foreach ($prodCollection as $product) {
          $prdIds[] = $product->getId();

          $data['u2'] = implode(',', $prdIds);

          // Category ID
          $data['u6'] = $category->getId();

          // Category Name
          $data['u7'] = $category->getName();

          // Page Type
          $data['u14'] = 'Category';


$data[‘u2’] is pulling everything… it should only pull whats on the page and isSalable.

please see screenshotenter image description here

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Magento Cron Does Not Generate Schedule
Magento2 page-footer (luma-theme)

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